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Lagoon Pumps

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The patented new PUMPELLER Hybrid Turbine revolutionizes manure pump performance. Incredible intake suction pulls solids into the cutter knives, reducing the toughest crust to nothing in just seconds. The turbine combines the high-volume mixing of a propeller agitator with the power and reach of a lagoon pump, and the resulting hybrid design radically out-performs both.

The PUMPELLER Hybrid Turbine offers huge advantages: Much faster mixing that saves fuel and lets you start spreading quicker.


  • Fastest cutting of solids in the turbine knives (up to 50 cuts per second)
  • Produces rapid lagoon movement with the combined action of the cannon and the propeller
  • High pressure cannon easily lifts bottom sediments
  • No gearbox to service / repair

The propeller core of the hybrid turbine actively pushes manure into the impeller blades, supercharging the impeller for top performance, even in thick manure. Twine, hay, sand and other contaminants are no problem for the massive oilbath bearing chamber, making the PUMPELLER the best choice for the worst jobs.

Available in 3-Point mount (19 ft / 22 ft / 25 ft) or Trailer models (32 ft / 42 ft / 52 ft / 62 ft), the PUMPELLER uses the same powerful driveline and frame as the proven Ultra-Pump models. Features such as the giant flapper valve and the 8” discharge let you handle big volumes, while the unique swivel cannon aims the high-pressure blast anywhere you wish with no loss of flow.

As with all Jamesway Lagoon Pumps, you can choose from a wide variety of accessories to equip your PUMPELLER pump your way:

  • Discharge kits – Bipod loading pipe /Wheel load cart / Power-Boom
  • 3-Point hitch – Class II and Class III std / Quick-Attach option / Class IV option
  • Transport kit option for 3-Point models
  • Trailer hitch – Manual or hydraulic adjustable
  • Trailer stabilizers – Manual or Hydraulic
  • Trailer wheel kits – Single wheel / Dual wheel / Telescopic
  • Hydraulic controls – Direct to tractor / Spool valve / Remote spool valve / Electric splitter control

Ultra-Pump and Power-Boom Loading

Ultra-Pump and Power-Boom Loading

The Jamesway Ultra Pumps are designed for the heavy demand of large farms and custom operators. The Ultra Pumps are available with four choices of impeller or impeller/propeller ranging from 100HP to 225HP and three choices of wheel kit including over-wall configuration.

Standard equipment includes wear resistant impeller, hydraulic hitch adjustment, 8” heavy duty steel discharge pipe and the patented Jamesway Full-Flow swivel cannon. Choose from manual or hydraulic folding front stabilizers. A major innovation is the new patent pending POWER BOOM loading pipe. This option eliminates the need for loading carts, pipes or hoses. The POWER BOOM loading pipe is hydraulically powered, allowing the operator to lift and swing the loading pipe from the storage position to the tanker loading position from the seat of the tractor. The 8” diameter loading pipe is 25 feet long and can be operated to either side of the tractor. After use, the POWER BOOM is self draining so the Ultra Pump can be packed up for transport within seconds, all without mess or spillage.

FAST-FILL Wireless Pump Control

FAST-FILL Wireless Pump Control

Jamesway’s FAST-FILL Control lets you operate the Fill / Agitate valve on the manure pump from the cabin of the tanker tractor, and users love the benefits: 

  • Time saved on trips between tractors means more loads per day.
  • More precise filling because tanker gauge is always visible to operator.
  • Fewer trips between tractors means less mud or dirt tracked into both tractors.
  • More convenient / less tiring for the operator.


Every FAST-FILL Control is ready for the optional Throttle Control. This kit operates the floor pedal in the pump tractor to operate anywhere from an idle up to PTO speed.  As the driver pulls the tanker into position, the pump is normally agitating at low speed.  Press the “Loading Valve” button on the transmitter to switch the Load /Agitate valve and press the “Throttle Up” button until the pump reaches the preset PTO speed.   To top off the tanker with no spills or mess, you can use the “Throttle Down” button to slow the pump as the tanker approaches the “Full” level.  Not only does the Throttle Control save time by letting you fill tankers at full speed, it saves fuel by slowing the pump tractor down to an idle between loads.




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