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Manure Injection Systems

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Double-Disc Manure Applicator

Double-Disc Manure Applicator

The Double-Disc Applicator is your best choice when working in stony ground or in very difficult trash where manure injection may not be possible. Manure is banded on the surface and then covered with soil carried up by the discs to prevent “burn off” of volatile nutrients. The Applicator leaves the manure bands high & dry on ridges instead of in trenches and so also provides superior protection against leaching or manure runoff caused by rain. Each ridge tends to shed rain into the shallow “ditches” left by the discs and so allows water to run off without carrying away the manure.

The new Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES Double-Disc Applicator is built for the heavy demands of custom haulers and large farms. It may be necessary to apply down-pressure when working in heavy trash, so the 22” diameter discs run on oversize bearings in the 5,000 lb hub & axle kits. You can dial up the downdraft you need and the heavy duty leaf springs assure constant pressure through a wide range of movement.

The Double-Disc Applicator is Quick-Attach mounted to the new Jamesway LEVEL-LIFT system. This mounting kit provides excellent ground clearance for road travel and includes a downdraft pressure control. The distributor is mounted on the toolbar for easy access and the optional spreading kit allows you to easily switch to spreading without removing the Applicator.



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