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Non-Steer Manure Tankers (NS-Series)

Common features

Jamesway NS-Series tankers are well suited to the sizes of tractors found on small or medium livestock farms. These models feature a full-lenght independent trailer and walking beam suspension with 60/40 weight distribution to ensure the proper hitch load on the tractor and easier cornering
Built like the big ones…
Jamesway NS-Series tankers are packed with the same quality and features found in our largest tankers. The Impeller has a swing-open front door for easy cleaning or service, and the impeller shaft runs in an oil-bath bearing assembly with five seals for maximum bearing life. Choose from 540 or 1000 rpm PTO or hydraulic-drive impeller and match it with your choice of discharge nozzles to provide the optimum spread pattern. Each machine is equipped with ultra-reliable LED lights for your safety.
Non-steer tankers are equipped with convenient front and rear fill indicators, a front ladder, an anti-skid roof walkway, a super-duty top elbow that resists wear and a heavy duty jack for stability. Even on non-structural parts, full length welds are used in place of skip-welds to prevent rusting of the seams....sure it takes more time to build, but quality construction comes with every spreader because Jamesway puts "the good stuff" in every model.

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Non-Steer Heavy Duty Manure Tankers

Non-Steer Heavy Duty Manure Tankers

Heavy Duty Tankers are built for the bigger loads. The open-type walking beam is offset 60/40 for proper load balance. The Tanker’s undercarriage uses 4’’ stress-proof axles and 16, 000 lb hubs with a choice of tire sizes: 18.4 x 26, 23.1 x 26 and 28 Lx 26. Jamesway HD models are equipped with the same massive Industrial brakes found on our largest tankers. Excellent for road work, these brakes are dependable and extremely strong, featuring massive industrial 4-piston callipers and 550% LARGER brake pad surface than the industry standard. 



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