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Steerable tankers have many advantages over non-steerable tankers. During cornering, the front tires of non-steerable tankers must skid sideways, while Jamesway Steerable Manure Tankers turn the wheels into the corner resulting in easy, natural turning. This means that the steering system not only reduces tire wear and strain on the axles, it also reduces road and field damage. Steering also minimizes the "jackknife" force on the tractor during cornering so Jamesway’s high-speed steering system helps make road travel safer. The fully automatic system needs no operator input and the extremely simple construction of Jamesway’s Mechanical Steering is easy-to-maintain.
All Jamesway Manure Tankers are loaded with features to make the job easier and safer... front and rear fill indicators, front ladder, non-skid top walkway, super-duty discharge elbow and long-lasting LED Signal Lights are all standard equipment. The impeller blade and housing are made of T1 steel for long life, while the swing-open front door makes cleaning or servicing easy. The reliable oil-bath bearing assembly on the impeller is protected by 5 seals, providing trouble-free operation.


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Maxx-Trax Steerable Manure Tankers

Maxx-Trax Steerable Manure Tankers


It’s all about getting the job done fast.  Large farms and custom haulers are always working against the clock so Jamesway MAXX-TRAC spreader tanks deliver maximum performance and minimum downtime.


The weather doesn’t always cooperate but MAXXTRAC tankers keep running when others are parked. The tandem, triple and quad-axle trailers operate at low load per axle even on the biggest models.


Less time spent travelling means more loads per day.  MAXX-TRAC’s high speed steering system and impressive off-road maneuverability make getting to the eld safer and faster.


MAXX-TRAC spreader tanks are equipped with Jamesway’s new High-Output Series impellers so you can unload in record time.  The proven oil bath bearing chamber delivers maximum reliability.  Choose 6” or 8” discharge system.


The rugged MAXX-TRAC trailer glides smoothly over rough ground and through corners.  The smooth hydraulic suspension cushions shock loads and the responsive steering system really takes the load off your tractor during cornering.

MAXX-TRAC is built for large injection systems. The full frame independent trailer carries the towing load while the tank just rides above it all. The tank position is adjustable to guarantee proper balance and drawbar loading even when carrying heavy injectors at the rear, delivering maximum traction and smooth handling every time.


All the twists and turns found in the “off-road” world of manure spreading are converted to simple vertical movements. The left and right sides move independently, keeping equal load on all wheels at all times.


Reduced eld damage is just one of the advantages to steering tankers.  MAXXTRAC’s responsive steering system lets the tanker gently follow around corners with much less strain on axles, hubs, rims and tires compared to non-steer tankers resulting in less wear & tear on your tanker and on your tractor.


With so many vehicles on the road today, you must always expect the unexpected.  Jamesway’s massive 4-piston brake calipers provide far larger brake pads than the industry standard. The 100% hydraulic brake system eliminates the risk of contaminating the tractor hydraulic system with brake uid. Automatic braking makes road travel safer by reducing operator errors.  Simply plug into the tractor braking port for fully automatic pedal braking.  Brakes may also be operated manually via the standard tractor remote ports. 

AUTO-TRAC Steerable Manure Tankers

AUTO-TRAC Steerable Manure Tankers

We call them "Farm Duty", and we know that means "Heavy Duty so AUTO-TRAC Steerable Manure Tankers share many of the features found in our Commercial Series tankers. The full-length independent trailer means that the towing forces are not carried by the tank body...less stress is always good. The tank may be easily repositioned to adjust the hitch load when injectors are added.
Fields stay in much better condition as the AUTO-TRAC steering lets the tanker follow an easy, natural turn instead of sliding through corners and churning up the headlands. AUTO-TRAC steering also operates at high speed, making road work safer and extending tire life. AUTO-TRAC tandem undercarriages run on a simple walking beam suspension that divides the load 60/40 on the tires and the same massive Industrial Brakes used on Commercial Series tankers provide plenty of stopping power. Choose from 23.1 x 26 or 28L 26 standard tires, or 800/45 x 26.5 flotation tires for sensitive soils.



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