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Prop Manure Agitators

Trailer Model - 32 ft, 42 ft and 52 ft
3-Point Hitch Models - 18 ft, 20ft and 22 ft
Commons features
Jamesway Prop Manure Agitators have an 8’’ x 8’’ main beam. Like other Jamesway products, the prop agitators have an oil bath bearing. The agitators are built with a triple sealed lower chamber. A bolt-on foot plate adds more stability to the product. Reinforce edges on the blade quickly homogenize the manure. Both Prop Manure Agitators are equipped with a Weasler L55 PTO Shaft.

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PTO Agitator

PTO Agitator

3-Point Hitch Models - 18 ft, 20ft and 22 ft and Trailor model 32 ft, 42 ft and 52 ft

Features include:

• 8x8 Main Beam
• Oil Bath Bearings
• Triple Sealed lower Chamber
• Bolt-on Foot Plate
• Reinforced Edges on Blade
• Weasler L55 PTO Shaft





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