7 December 2021

FAST-FILL Wireless Pump Control

Valmetal’s FAST-FILL Control lets you operate the Fill / Agitate valve on the manure pump from the cabin of the tanker tractor.

Every FAST-FILL Control is ready for the optional Throttle Control. This kit operates the floor pedal in the pump tractor to operate anywhere from an idle up to PTO speed.  As the driver pulls the tanker into position, the pump is normally agitating at low speed.  Press the “Loading Valve” button on the transmitter to switch the Load /Agitate valve and press the “Throttle Up” button until the pump reaches the preset PTO speed.   To top off the tanker with no spills or mess, you can use the “Throttle Down” button to slow the pump as the tanker approaches the “Full” level.  Not only does the Throttle Control save time by letting you fill tankers at full speed, it saves fuel by slowing the pump tractor down to an idle between loads.



  • Time saved on trips between tractors means more loads per day.
  • More precise filling because tanker gauge is always visible to operator.
  • Fewer trips between tractors means less mud or dirt tracked into both tractors.
  • More convenient / less tiring for the operator.