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Advanced product designs and a high quality network of dealers: these are the cornerstones upon which the Jamesway brand was built. As demands on agricultural machinery continue to increase, Jamesway has responded with more new “Next Generation” products than anyone else in the industry. Long known as the premiere brand of feeding equipment, Jamesway now offers the most extensive line of manure handling equipment in the world. Jamesway equipment is at work today in more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Agricultural Machinery

Commercial haulers:
Commercial manure application services (we call them “Custom haulers”) run equipment around the clock in busy season, with productivity being the order of the day. Regular “farm duty” equipment has no place in these operations... Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES equipment is built to meet these high demands. Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES are models of tankers and pumps with super duty construction and a list of advanced features that all add up to maximum loads per day. Visit the CUSTOM HAULERS section of our website for information on products and practices that may be of interest to you.

In the field:
Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES tankers and lagoon pumps can handle the demands of even the largest livestock operations, where heavy use, long distances and crowded roads have become normal today. Of course the family farm remains a cornerstone of agriculture so Jamesway also manufactures an extensive line of Farm Series tankers and pumps. With so much work to handle, these operators don’t have time to waste so the same quality and great features found in Jamesway’s COMMERCIAL SERIES are built right into the Farm Series products. See the PRODUCTS section of the website for more information.

In the barn:
Jamesway has a long history inside the dairy barn, but barns have changed a lot over the years. While Jamesway is still a major supplier of silo unloaders, feeders, conveyors and barn cleaners for the traditional family farm, Jamesway has a whole other line of products designed for the largest freestall dairies in the world. Sand bedding and 24/7 operation requires equipment specially built to take on these challenges. Take a look at the capacity of the AlleyCat XD-Series alley cleaners, built for barns up to 2,350 feet in length. What about robotic milking barns, where layouts may have unequal lengths of alleys? Jamesway has that covered with the Dura-Chain alley scraper system. Pumping sand? Pumping far? Feeding separators? These are all challenges that are becoming common today, but high quality equipment and professional planning ensure success. Visit the BARN PLANNING section for more information.

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