21 February 2023

Nova-Cable Cable Scraper System

Not only does the Nova-Cable feature heavy-duty construction throughout, the innovative design also eliminates almost all moving parts. All Nova-Cable models can operate up to 8 blades, even in heavy sand conditions.

The ultimate in simplicity, as the drum rotates, it self-winds across the threaded main shaft so cable spools on smoothly.


Sensors count the revolutions of the gearbox to track the positions of the scraper blades. Setting the start & stop positions needs only a touch on the control, and is accurate to a fraction of an inch.



The cable drum is threaded, so as it turns on the 5” (13 cm) diameter threads on the stationary shaft, it automatically aligns itself to keep the cable spooling cleanly in place, while eliminating the need for cable guide shafts and drives.






The drum hub & shaft are encased in a grease chamber to keep all components clean and lubricated. The drive chain, positioned on the side, allow a better lifespan on parts and also help to keep the unit cleaner. The Nova-Cable drive has very few moving parts, making maintenance easy.


Nova-Cable works with all types of cable from 3/8” (10 mm) to 9/16” (14 mm) diameter. Choose steel cables (galvanized or stainless), or braided plastic cables (Dura-Cable or Dyneema), or the heavy-duty stainless & polyester hybrid cable (9/16” (14 mm) only).


Valmetal offers a wide choice of blades and accessories for every condition. Blade edges are available in steel, urethane or our new abrasion-resistant rubber. Whether you choose straight (rollback) or V-blades, all wear parts are easy and economical to replace.



  • High-efficiency XL gearbox
  • HD roller chain with oilbath
  • Drum automatically self-aligns with cable
  • No cable guide system needed
  • No timing chains & sprockets


  • Increased capacity. Choose any size of cable without limiting alley length.
  • Allows flexible setup. The system adapts to all barn configurations.
  • Gas-lift hood at each end, no need to remove guards.
  • The self-guiding drum eliminates cable guides and maximizes cable life.
  • Increased life. Few moving parts, none are located in the manure zone.
  • Operates completely silently.

The strongest cable drive units on the market!

The Nova-Cable 650 is the model of choice for the world’s largest barns. Able to handle up to 650’ (198 m) of 9/16” (14 mm) cable, one unit can clean two alleys up to 2,550’ (777 m) long.

Maximum flexibility

The Nova-Cable drive unit adapts to all barn configurations. Corner wheels can be positioned as close to the transmission as desired. With the optional riser wheel kit, the drive unit can be mounted anywhere you wish, giving you complete control of layouts. Save space at the end of the barn, requires 2’ (60 cm) less barn length than conventional drive units.


Many alley scrapers run around the clock, so all models of Nova-Cable drive units are equipped with the proven XL gearbox. This helicoid gearbox operates at 95% efficiency, saving power and delivering long life.

The two-stage drive protects the gearbox bearings from heavy loads, giving Nova-Cable unmatched pulling power and trouble- free gearbox life. The drive sprocket is positioned to the side of the drum, keeping it far from any manure exposure.